“I refuse to let this week get away from me without writing you this letter. I want a tee-shirt that says “I Survived Real Estate”. One of the main reasons that I did is because of your amazing staff. No matter how stressed I was or how frustrated the person from Cooper on the other end of the phone NEVER lost their patience with me. They talked me off many cliffs during last week. I drove them crazy fro sure! They were too kind to say so but I know the truth. I appreciated every single person… Jessica (my main rock), Joe, Carmen, Kenny and I’m sure many others. Everyone was kind and caring. They were almost like mini therapists!!”

“Cooper not only took care of all of my attendees but they made my life so much easier. You should be very proud of your team! This was an extremely complicated meeting and they far exceeded my every expectation. Please extend my most sincere appreciation for that they did.”