Shane Wahner
Vice President of Marketing & Administration

Shane Wahner, the dynamic Vice President of Marketing and Administration at Cooper Global Chauffeured Transportation, embodies a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision, and a passion for transformative growth. With an illustrious career marked by a commitment to positive change and a keen understanding of business dynamics, Shane has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s marketing strategy and administrative functions.

A seasoned professional, Shane Wahner’s journey has been characterized by a profound belief in turning challenges into opportunities. This transformative perspective has not only shaped his own life but has also been instrumental in driving positive change within the businesses he has been associated with. His mantra of viewing challenges as catalysts for growth and expansion has become a guiding principle, not just for him personally, but for the entire team at Cooper Global.

Shane’s passion for teaching and mentoring is evident in his dedication to empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds. Over the years, he has been a mentor to entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, educators, and non-profit boards, sharing his insights on achieving business goals and unlocking personal success. His approach centers on authenticity and seizing opportunities to yield the best results in both professional and personal realms.

In his role as Vice President of Marketing and Administration at Cooper Global, Shane Wahner has been instrumental in crafting and executing innovative marketing strategies that elevate the company’s brand and enhance its market presence. His ability to harness the power of effective communication, coupled with a strategic mindset, has contributed significantly to the continued success and growth of Cooper Global Chauffeured Transportation.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Shane is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Whether through his leadership role at Cooper Global or through mentoring initiatives, he consistently strives to create a culture of authenticity, growth, and excellence.

Shane Wahner’s presence at the helm of marketing and administration reflects not only his expertise in navigating the intricacies of the business landscape but also his dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and positive change within Cooper Global Chauffeured Transportation. His ongoing commitment to transforming challenges into opportunities continues to shape the company’s trajectory and solidify its position as a leader in the luxury transportation industry.

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